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Mail to: Glenn Ranch, P.O.Drawer 1039, Douglas, AZ 85608

FAX: (520) 558-1900.

Please fill out this order form and print it from your computer (or you can print a blank order form and fill it in by hand if you prefer).  Filling in the form will automatically calculate tax and shipping charges.  Mail or fax to the address above.

If you do not have a printer, or you wish to E-mail the order to us, and be invoiced for the books-- please fill out the form and use the "submit order" button at the bottom of the form. We will send you an invoice, and ship the book when payment is received. Form fields shown in blue are required to process your order.  (Check or Money Orders only. No credit card orders accepted) For orders outside the U.S. please e-mail for information.

The information you provide is kept confidential. We do not disclose our customer information to any third party. Your contact information will be used only to deliver the books you order or, if necessary, to contact you regarding this order.   We will keep your information on our mailing list for any other future publications or for the Malpai Borderlands Group newsletter mailings.   

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