About The Book


About the Book

Dear Friends, a very exciting event has happened to the Glenn family and now the story and photographs are published in a book entitled EYES of FIRE.

In March of 1996, Warner saw a Mexican Jaguar in the wild, in the United States. A confirmed sighting of this kind is a very rare occurrence. ---Rarer still, are photographs of a live jaguar in the wild, in the United States.

Warner was able to take 19 pictures and we have picked out the 10 best and have published them in a 28 page softcover book with the story of that day.

We are proud to say that George and Vicky Drennan, owners of The Printing Corner in El Paso have done a wonderful job of publishing the book. Included in the book is an essay by Ray Turner, co-author of The Changing Mile and Sonoran Desert Plants: An Ecological Atlas.   Jay Dusard, photographer/author of The North American Cowboy, A Portrait, and Open Country, has written the afterword and included his new portrait of Warner and his daughter, Kelly Glenn-Kimbro, taken especially for the book. Jay has also included several pen and ink drawings in the book. I would also like to thank the many friends and family members who have encouraged me to write this story.

A portion of the sales of the book will be donated to the newly created Jaguar Fund of the Malpai Borderlands Group. The group and the fund are described in the book.

About The Glenn Family

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